What's going on while it's going on
What's going on while it's going on
Swapp is the urban news community to be up to date on what happens around you.

It’s happening here and now

Find out that’s going on around you. Get in real time the geolocated news of your city. You’ll know all urban events just on the time and place where it’s happening. Also you’ll can explain what’s occur by public way, notifying the nearest people right away.

Localized events
News topics
Multimedia evidence
Proximity notices

Explain what’s going on

Become a spokesperson for your city You can inform about all kinds of situations, as well as report for a mismanagement by public services, social movements, poor condition from urban planning, gender violence, animal abuse… Although also positive actions because it also happen and deserve to be recognized.

Show the same you see

Are you in the event place? So you don’t settle for looking, listening and commenting… Join up! Actualize an exist news or create a new. Post as many photos, videos and voice notes as you want. Or if you prefer, broadcast it in live.

The first step is break the silence. The second, make it visible

Because may never know somewhat, if nobody show it

Your publications never get lost halfway. Just one click you’ll reach to everyone are close to the event, whether you are or not friends on the network. Also to your followers, even if they are on the other side of the world. In addition, your urban news will be visible by whole Swaypp community. Of course, the news you receive is under your decision.

Get only what you want

Customize your notices and choose the news categories for your interest. You can receive notices about all events or only urban issues that you decide. Also you can save your favourite news and follow-up each story. Because an event doesn’t end when it’s published, but yes when it’s resolved

What’s going on now?

Find out what is talking today. Explore our map to see the most trending urban news by the community

It's time to stand up your city voice

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